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Confessions of a Molly Mormon:
Trading Perfectionism for Peace, Fear for Faith, Judging for Joy

by Elona K. Shelley.


Remembering Christ at Christmas

List Price: $13.95
     Available at (click on link to right) and other places (see below).

     Contact us for special pricing: family or friend, quantity discounts, or neighbors in the Provo/Orem, Utah area.

See Excerpts:
Front Cover
Seeing Christ in Christmas Traditions
Nativity Stories
Advent Trees and Calendars
Back Cover


Other places to order Remembering Christ at Christmas



BYU Bookstore, Provo, UT Call toll free at (800) 253-2578 option #2 or Local at (801) 422-2400
If you don't see the book, ask at the Religion information desk. If it is out of stock, additional copies can be available from the distributor within a few days.


It may be available at or can be ordered by stores or websites that carry books from Brigham Distributing.

If you cannot find a source, contact us.

Last updated: 29-Aug-2015