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Recommended Books and Writings
by Chauncey C. Riddle, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Brigham Young University

"For several years I had the privilege of helping Chauncey teach an Honors philosophy course. He discussed three key questions of both philosophy and religion: How do we know? What is the nature of God, man and the universe? and What is good or right? He then contrasted the basic answers of philosophers with those of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The students and I gained a greater understanding of, appreciation for, and testimony of the gospel. This book introduces readers to the questions and answers Chauncey discussed in class. These ideas significantly improved my thinking and my life. Now I can share these ideas more easily with family and friends" — Monte F. Shelley

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THiNK INDEPENDENTLY: How to Think in This World but Not Think With It

by Chauncey C. Riddle, taught 40 years at BYU, serving as Professor of Philosophy, Chairman of the Department of Graduate Studies in Religious Instruction, Dean of the Graduate School, and Assistant Academic Vice President.

Skepticism is the backbone that unites all religions, philosphies, science, and thoughtful inquiry. They all reject the idea that life without thinking and pattern is sufficient. The purpose of all religions, philosophies, science and thoughtful inquiry is to allow human beings to better their life and situation by looking skeptically at whatever exists in the moment and asking how the situation could be made better..

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