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Recommended Books and CDs about Scripture and Temple Symbolism
by Donna B. Nielsen, popular BYU Education Week Lecturer, LDS Tour Guide to Israel

Several years ago, I read Donna's book, Beloved Bridegroom. I enjoyed her insights from studying the language, culture, customs, and history of the Jews. I enjoyed her BYU Education Week classes that deal with scripture and temple symbolism.

Donna's BLOG gives interesting information about the scriptures and temple.

The Holy Child Jesus: Notes On The Nativity

by Donna B. Nielsen, popular BYU Education Week Lecturer, LDS Tour Guide to Israel

Why was Zacharius afraid when the angel appeared to him in the Temple? Why was Mary troubled by Gabriel's greeting? What do swaddling bands represent? Were women involved in ancient Temple service? How were carpenters regarded in Christ's time? Listen to the answers to these questions and many more fascinating insights into the real background and symbolic meaning of Christ's miraculous birth and early life. Hear Donna Nielsen's connections between the Restored Gospel and ancient Hebrew beliefs.

"This CD is truly eye-opening. It takes a beloved story and makes it richer and even more meaningful. Donna is a talented researcher and her insights delight her listeners as she seamlessly blends facts and testimony." P.B. Kailia, HI

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Beloved Bridegroom: Finding Christ in Ancient Jewish Marriage and Family Customs

by Donna B. Nielsen, popular BYU Education Week lecturer, LDS Tour Guide to Israel

A wonderful book about Christ as the Bridegroom. It helps LDS readers understand the temple marriage ceremony in much greater depth, as ancient Jewish marriage and family customs are presented. A great gift for newlyweds and wedding anniversaries.

 Where to buy a copy