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When Was Jesus Born, Baptized, and Buried?
A Review of LDS and Non-LDS Educated Guesses

Free 133 page eBook by Monte F. Shelley

Elder James E. Talmage said that Jesus was born on April 6th 1 BC, baptized just before he turned 30 years old, and died after living 33 years and a few days. However, not all LDS leaders and scholars agree with Elder Talmage’s dates. Some LDS scholars say Jesus was born in 5/4 BC. Most non-LDS scholars say Jesus was born in 5/4 BC while others say he was born in 3/2 BC.  “When everybody thinks alike, nobody thinks very much.” This free electronic book summarizes the evidence, interpretations, and arguments for the different conclusions of both LDS and non-LDS scholars.