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LDS Scripture Program (free download)

The LDSView® program is a version of WordCruncher® that was developed at BYU. LDSView runs on Windows computers (desktops and laptops). Free downloads are available by clicking on the LDS View link at or on the download link below. The scriptures in any of 30 languages are also available. The Getting Started Tutorial available on the Help menu shows you how to use the program. LDS View is focuses only on the scriptures. If you are interested in other LDS Gospel Library materials such as conference talks or manuals in addition to the scriptures, download WordCruncher (see below),

Download LDSView and the scriptures in various languages.


WordCruncher is a free download that lets you download the same LDS scriptures in 30+ languages, plus conference talks, and manuals. It also lets you download the Webster's 1844 dictionary, Maxwell Institute publications including early F.A.R.M.S. publications, other BYU publications, and books from other publishers. For more information and to download WordCruncher, go to