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Remembering Christ at Christmas

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Seeing Christ in Christmas Traditions
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The following notes add to information found in the four chapters of Remembering Christ at Christmas.


    “I was becoming cynical about many of our Christmas traditions, but your book has rescued me from that cynicism.  Thanks!”—LH
    “I particularly liked the 16 comparisons between Christ and Santa.”—S

In colonial America, Christmas was an unchristian holiday instead of a Christian holy day. Some traditions that people now feel take Christ out of Christmas were adopted or invented by good Christians wanting to bring Christ back into a Christmas.


    “I am amazed how the Christmas story has changed for me.  The possibility that Jesus was born in a ceremonially clean place where lambs meant for sacrifice in the temple were usually born, stirs feelings deep inside me ”—DH
    “I particularly enjoyed the information on the caravansary, as it related to Christ's birth (potentially) and the Good Samaritan story. Very enlightening.”—L


    “I especially liked the idea of an Advent tree and the 24 possible ornaments. Very well thought out.”—T
    “I like using Advent traditions to teach scripture and temple symbolism.”—M


    “This year we went to fewer activities so that we could have a merry ‘Mary’ Christmas at ‘the most Martha time of the year.’ Thanks!”—TA


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When Was Jesus Born, Baptized, and Buried? — A Review of LDS and Non-LDS Educated Guesses

Free 133 page eBook by Monte F. Shelley Download PDF now (last update Nov. 2009)

Elder James E. Talmage said that Jesus was born on April 6th 1 BC, baptized just before he turned 30 years old, and died after living 33 years and a few days. However, not all LDS leaders and scholars agree with Elder Talmage’s dates. Some LDS scholars say Jesus was born in 5/4 BC. Most non-LDS scholars say Jesus was born in 5/4 BC while others say he was born in 3/2 BC.  “When everybody thinks alike, nobody thinks very much.” This free electronic book summarizes the evidence, interpretations, and arguments for the different conclusions of both LDS and non-LDS scholars.


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