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When did the Christmas tree become popular in the U.S.A.?

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In 1836 the first image of a Christmas tree was printed in the United States. The tree is lit by open candles. The door suggests that the children had just entered the room. (Stephen Nissenbaum, The Battle for Christmas, 188)

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In 1848 an illustration appeared in London showing the royal family around their tree. “This picture of family togetherness, tranquility, and happiness captured the imagination of the people.” Most of the decorations were edible. On top of the tree was an angel. Around the tree were presents.

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“Two years later, an almost identical illustration appeared in the United States, in Godey’s Lady’s Book. Victoria’s coronet had been removed, along with Albert’s mustache, sash, and royal insignia. Americans were captivated by what they took to be a typical ‘American’ scene. Thus the passion for Christmas trees caught fire … and burns unabated today.” (Jack Elliot, Inventing Christmas, 80)

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