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Images in Remembering Christ at Christmas

ONLINE Illustrations

  American Colony Photographers, Jerusalem. [Later known as Matson Photo Service. Photographs in the G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection are in the public domain.]

NG1914- UpperRoom Crop

House built over a cave used as a stable .” (Whiting, 1914, 310)

NG1929- Swaddling 2 crop

Mother holding baby in swaddling clothes.” (Whiting, 1929, 711)

NG1929- Swaddling 3

Young mother … with her infant wrapped … in swaddling clothes.” (Whiting, 1929, 712)




AVI to Da Siena.


"Herod’s Temple." Model in the Jerusalem Museum,

courtesy of Deror Avi.

Image:Campfire 4213.jpg


photo by Dirk Beyer

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License

Gezer standing stones


© Todd Bolen

Image of Journey to Bethlehem

Journey to Bethlehem.”

© Joseph Brickey



Public domain

Image:Simple Labarum.gif


Public domain

Image:Christmas tree in Texas.jpg

Christmas Tree.”

Public domain

Image:Christus statue temple square salt lake city.jpg

Christus Statue, Temple Square.”

Public domain

Mary-Swaddling Clothes

The Birth of Jesus.”

By Barna Da Siena (died c. 1351)




DEWEY, Simon.

For God So Loved the World

For God So Loved the World.”

© Simon Dewey

We Three Kings

We Three Kings.”

© Simon Dewey






Image:Meggido Manger.jpg

Stone Manger at Meggido.”

Courtesy of Darko Tepert Donatus

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License

Manger (1)

One of the stone feeding, or watering mangers … at Megiddo.”

Courtesy of

Image:Caravansarai Karaj.jpg


Courtesy of Babak Gholizadeh

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License




Hegsted, Derek J.

Angel at Gethsemane.”

© Derek J. Hegsted

Gethsemane Grove by Derek Hegsted, low resolution, fine detail removed.

Gethsemane Grove.”

© Derek J. Hegsted


© Derek J. Hegsted

Journey’s End.”

© Derek J. Hegsted

Tree of Life.”

© Derek J. Hegsted






Elephant illustration.”

© Jason Hunt


ICHTHYS or Fish Symbol.

Public domain






Some other relevant pictures that were not used in the book include: Bethlehem, Temple of Herod, Garden of Gethsemane, Judaean wilderness, and Jordan River.$id=tchg-pix.nfo:o:13e$cid=tchg-pix.nfo$3.0$p=

Announcement of Christ’s Birth to the Shepherds
by Del Parson

© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.$id=tchg-pix.nfo:o:138$cid=tchg-pix.nfo$3.0$p=

Moses and the Brass Serpent
by Judith Mehr.

© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.$id=tchg-pix.nfo:o:158$cid=tchg-pix.nfo$3.0$p=

The Good Samaritan
by Walter Rane.

© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.$id=tchg-pix.nfo:o:162$cid=tchg-pix.nfo$3.0$p=

Jesus Praying in Gethsemane

by Harry Anderson.

© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.$id=tchg-pix.nfo:o:15a$cid=tchg-pix.nfo$3.0$p=

Mary and Martha
by Del Parson.

© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Elisabeth and Mary

Swaddling Bands.”

Still from “Savior of the World.”

© Intellectual Reserve, Inc.





Elephant and the Blind Men.”

© Jain World.

3-D Teapot.”

© Hidetomo Katsura



Public domain.

Image:Christian cross.svg

Latin Cross.”

Public domain.

Lightning Storm.”

© Peter McIntosh



Public domain.

Moon, Venus and Stars.”


May be used without prior permission

No Room at the Inn.”

© Northumberland





Ogden, D. Kelly.


Bethlehem and Shepherds’ Fields.”

© D. Kelly Ogden


Church of the Nativity.”

© D. Kelly Ogden


Fishermen on Sea of Galilee.”

© D. Kelly Ogden


Grotto of the Nativity.”

© D. Kelly Ogden


Judean Wilderness.”

© D. Kelly Ogden


Olive Tree in Gethsemane.”

© D. Kelly Ogden




Parson, Del.

The American Prophet

American Prophet.”

© Del Parson

Birth of Jesus

Birth of Jesus.”

© Del Parson

The Gentle Christ

Gentle Christ.”

© Del Parson

Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd.”

© Del Parson






PRATT to Sunset in Israel.


"49 Constellations” courtesy of John Pratt

Image:Asclepius staff.svg

Rod of Asclepius.”

Public domain.


Rubin’s Goblet-Profile.”

Public domain

Image:Santa usairforce.jpg

Santa Claus.”

Public domain


Sunset in Israel.”

Public domain.




Shelley, Monte F.

Permission: You may view, download, and print my images in this table only for your personal, noncommercial use. To request permission to use these images commercially or on other websites, contact Monte F. Shelley.

IMG_3039 Advent calendar

Advent Calendar

IMG_3065b Advent tree

Advent tree

Animal Montage-300-2

Animal Montage

IMG_1975 Nativity Play

Children as Mary, Joseph and a shepherd 2007

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning 2007

Wreath cropped

Christmas Wreath

IMG_1272 Reunion 2007

Family Reunion 2007

IMG_1882 House-cropped


Home Christmas Decorations 2007


Lunar Phases

IMG_3210 Provo River

Provo River at Canyon Glen

IMG_2931 Provo Temple

Provo Utah Temple near Squaw Peak

IMG_2943 Rock Canyon

Rock Canyon

IMG_3265 Santa Tree crop

Santa putting gifts by a small Christmas tree

Santa with grandson

Santa Claus with my grandson

Scout Moral Compass

Scout Moral Compass

IMG_2937 Wilderness
Wilderness Trail: Rock Canyon






Swindle, Liz Lemon.

Click here to view larger image

The Holy Men.”

© Liz Lemon Swindle

Click here to view larger image

She Shall Bring Forth A Son.”

© Liz Lemon Swindle

Click here to view larger image

Silent Night.”

© Liz Lemon Swindle